Ground breaking cloud based leisure management software

Software that has incisive focus on the management of each individual venue and how it is performing at both micro and macro level.
Enabling senior teams to get an up-to-the-minute view of how the whole group is operating. Drawing the teams into an early conversation about what is working well and what needs attention.
Building a culture of shared ownership and accountability by providing real-time statistics on sales, turnover and a wide range of other vital KPIs which reflect the performance of each venue.

About Us

  • Offices in London, Macclesfield, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan
  • Technical experts with cutting edge skills and decades of collective experience in data processing andapplication development
  • In-depth knowledge of the health and fitness industry from direct experience of operating sites and board level experience of managing large leisure groups
  • Award winning customer services staff who have a detailed knowledge of the software and communicate with clients in common sense terms
Our Clients
  • UK and International
  • Private sector chains
  • Franchise operators
  • Complex public sector leisure centres
  • Universities
  • Intelligent software lets you embed your business operation into its flexible technical framework.
  • User friendly and intuitive interfaces enable users to get maximum benefit with minimal effort
  • Underpinned by richly structured relational databases which capture granular data
  • Cloud based, requiring little or no locally installed infrastructure
  • Industry gold standard security measures including end to end encryption of data and uptotheminute security patches maintained and installed by Microsoft
  • Client-led development drives constant software evolution with expanding functionality for the benefit of all users
  • Integrated Direct Debit and e-commerce card payments
  • Membership management and CRM
  • Group ex bookings/management (studios)
  • Activities bookings/management (courts, sports halls, pitches, pools, etc)
  • POS
  • Live reporting suite
  • Prospecting and sales management
  • Staff management and rotas
  • Franchise management
  • Induction program management
  • Access control management
  • Fully configurable automatic Direct Debit payments management allowing any day processing (no BACS run required)
  • Automatic resubmission process
  • Secure e-commerce card transactions
  • Tokenisation of card details for easy repeat buying
  • E-wallets (Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung pay, etc)
  • Crypto currency payments

Our Products

  • Used by central staff to get a real-time intelligence on the performance of each site against multiple KPIs
  • Sophisticated data driven features allow super flexible tuning of CRM processes without the need for software development
  • Maintains standing data sets which bring consistency and discipline to the operation of each site
  • Accounts for centrally collected direct debits and card payments while calculating distributions to individual sites
  • Powerful broadcasting functionality allows generation and dispatch of mass communications to targeted sectors of members and prospects
  • Used by staff and other on-site workers to support the management of the venue and its customers
  • Functions grouped into intuitive control centres tailored to match common fitness venue job roles
  • Fully tailorable security allows tight matching of users to the functions they can access
  • Used by members of the public to book activities and group exercise
  • Shows real-time information on venue occupancy
  • Allows users to maintain their personal information, preferences and membership payment details
  • Mobile responsive
  • Customer branded
  • Enables tokenised storage of payment card details
  • Delivered via fully branded public facing sites or using APIs to customer’s own websites
  • Card or direct debit for initial payments
  • Realtime validation of bank details
  • Mobile responsive
  • Completely flexible options for direct debit collection days
  • Menu driven approach to optional bolt-ons
  • Promotions and discount codes

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